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Canadian Resources - Local

Toronto First Duty

The model of the Toronto First Duty Project brings together kindergarten, child care and parenting supports into a single program. The program is staffed by a team of kindergarten teachers and early childhood educators.


The New Kindergarten  (PDF - 1.5MB)

In this article, Tim Johnson offers a preview of Ontario’s full-day early learning initiative as he writes about his experiences visiting pilot versions of the program while addressing current research regarding early learning and care. (Author: Tim Johnson, in Canadian Family, 2010, courtesy of the Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario)


Partnerships are what makes it all work

Matthew Pearson writes of a successful partnership between an early childhood educator and kindergarten teacher in a full day early learning program in existence prior to the adoption of the Pascal report, and addresses many positive aspects of Ontario’s full-day early learning program as well as some common concerns. (Author: Matthew Pearson, in Ottawa Citizen, 2010)


Working Together for Children’s Success – An Early Years Integration Strategy (PDF - 2.4MB) 

Working Together for Children’s Success outlines the Toronto District School Boards’ plan to promote the integration of education, care, and family support services in its schools.  Elements of the Strategy include the creation of early years teams consisting of teachers, early childhood educators, educational assistance, and parents/caregivers as well as developing the capacity and knowledge of early childhood among its staff.  (Author: Toronto District School Board, 2007)


Collaborative Early Learning and Care Programs for Young Children and Families in the Toronto Catholic District School Board (PDF - 850KB)

This resource, created by the Toronto Catholic District School Board, is intended to guide staff and community partners in the creation of coordinated and seamless early learning and care environments throughout the TCDSB. (Authors: Kevin Kobus and Catherine LeBlanc-Miller, Toronto Catholic District School Board, 2008)


Halton Our Kids-Early Years/Best Start Planning Group Response to Implementing Full-Day Learning for Four-and Five-Year-Olds (PDF - 395KB)

This proposed model for the successful implementation of Ontario’s full-day early learning program in the Halton region highlights the summarized perception of local parents and caregivers, teachers and early childhood educators, as well as children’s services administrators of what an ideal educational and care situation for children should look like.  (Author: Halton Our Kids-Early Years/Best Start Planning Group, 2008)


Our Best Start, Lambton County and Chatham-Kent

This website acts as a portal to the Best Start programming provided in Lambton County and the community of Chatham-Kent.  The Lambton County website offers research, links, and resources for children and their caregivers and both sites include detailed information regarding their seamless early learning and care programs.


Local School Boards with Early Years Policies


Edmonton Public Schools Programs, Early Years Policy


Toronto District School Board, Early Years Policy


Canadian Resources - Regional Early Learning Reports
Every Child a Better Future: Public Kindergarten Commissioner Report (PDF - 1.3MB)

This report, created for the Premier of Prince Edward Island, presents findings and recommendations regarding the transition of Prince Edward Island’s Kindergarten program into a full-day public school system. (Author: Patricia J. Mella, 2009, Government of Prince Edward Island)


The Early Years Report, Early Learning in PEI: An Investment in the Island’s Future (PDF - 2.3MB)

This report provides recommendations informed by the ideas, perceptions, and concerns of caregivers, educators, and early childhood experts to develop an early learning vision and framework for PEI.  (2010 – by Kathleen Flanagan)


British Columbia Early Learning Framework (PDF - 1.2MB)

A framework created in partnership by the British Columbia Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Children and Family Development intended to influence the early learning experiences and environments of BC children from birth to kindergarten. (Author: Early Learning Advisory Group, Government of British Columbia, 2008)


Full Day Kindergarten Program Guide (PDF - 1.8MB)

This guide is intended to help British Columbia’s educators in the transformation of kindergarten into a full day program.  It is influenced by both the British Columbia Early Learning Framework and the Primary Program: A Framework for Teaching and includes program expectations, findings from current research, as well as suggestions for the classroom. (Author: Government of British Columbia)


With Our Best Future in Mind: Implementing Early Learning in Ontario

This report to the Premier of Ontario, by the Special Advisor on Early Learning, calls for a comprehensive child and family service system that covers the prenatal period up to children age 12. The report outlines specific recommendations for a seamless and integrated full-day learning program for 4 and 5 year olds to support Ontario’s early learning vision. (Author: Charles E. Pascal, Government of Ontario, 2009)


The Full-Day Early Learning-Kindergarten Program (Draft Version) (PDF - 432KB)

A brief overview of the curriculum expectations of the six learning areas (Personal and Social Development, Language, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Health and Physical Activity, and the Arts) of Ontario’s new full-day early learning and kindergarten program. (Author: Government of Ontario, 2010)


Canadian Resources - National

The Integration Kit (PDF - 1.4MB)

The Integration Network Project was established to address the abrupt division for kindergarten-age children between “care” programs in child care centres and “education” in public kindergarten. The Project’s focus was on seeking effective solutions to the problems and issues facing parents of kindergarten-age children. (Author: Susan Colley, The Integration Network Project, Institute of Child Study, 2006)


Childcare Resource and Research Unit

The CRRU focuses on research and policy resources in the context of a high quality system of early childhood education and child care in Canada.


Full-day early learning: Merging child care and kindergarten into a “seamless day”

This issue file from the CRRU contains several articles on the subject of integrating education and early learning and care.


Early childhood education and care in Canada 2008

This comprehensive report, the 8th edition since 1992, provides key data on child care and kindergarten across Canada. It tracks spaces, finances, quality issues and public policy developments at the provincial/ territorial and federal levels, includes demographic information such as mothers' labour force participation, and identifies trends over time.


International Resources

Caring and learning together: A cross-national study of integration of early childhood care and education within education

This study examines the policy of integrating early childhood care and education (ECCE) within the education system in Brazil, Jamaica, New Zealand, Slovenia, Sweden and Ghent (Belgium Flemish Community), and offers policy insights and recommendations. (Authors: Yoshie Kaga, John Bennett, Peter Moss, UNESCO, 2010)

Starting Strong II: Early Childhood Education and Care

Among many recommendations geared towards building a comprehensive system, this OECD report called on the Canadian government “to build bridges between child care and kindergarten education, with the aim of integrating ECEC both at ground level, and at policy and management levels”. (Author: OECD, 2006)


Human Development

Early Brain Development and Human Development (PDF - 313KB)

This article addresses the importance of early childhood development on influencing later human development with a focus on the role of experience and epigenetics on sculpting the basic architecture and function of the brain. (Author:  J. Fraser Mustard, Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, 2010)


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