A Founding Partnership

This project will be hosted through a founding partnership among four organizations:

The notion of partnership is essential to the nature of this project as each member of the partnership will bring a very different base of knowledge and skills, and indeed connections. Given our understanding of a traditional and far-reaching divide between education and early learning & care, it is important that the partnership for this project “walks the talk” and builds connection and understanding from the start. Representation from both education and early learning & care will ensure that strong relationships are built and that knowledge and expertise that currently exist within both sectors form a foundation for action as we move forward.


It is also conceived that, as the partnership develops, trust grows and as results start to flow, the potential for involving other sectors in the process must exist. To hold open this possibility and desire is an important part of living the change that we aspire to, and the reduction of silos and the creation of opportunities to work together with regards to healthy child development.



The Network’s initial costs have been financed by the Council for Early Child Development and using seed funds generously contributed by the Canadian Association of School Administrators and the Canadian Education Association. The Network is currently seeking sustained funding to continue its work.



CEA and CASA- The Canadian Education Association and Canadian Association of School Administrators provide a vehicle through which all leaders in the education sector can be contacted and potentially engaged in creating stronger connections with ECD. There is some cross membership between the organizations but they also reach different membership groups allowing for significant Canadian coverage.



Canadian Child Care Federation
CCCF – The Canadian Child Care Federation connects provincial and territorial organizations in the early learning and care sector across the country. The organization will share its skills and experience with young children with new partners in education by building on its history and commitment to promoting best practices and achieving excellence in early learning and care.



CECD - The Council for Early Child Development brings credibility and depth in the field of early human development.  It is becoming known for disseminating the latest scientific research on early human development and represents cross-sectoral perspectives. It has developed an extensive list of partners who could play a role in the project and has the capacity to co-host regular national forums.



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