Values and Approach


Our Values

A balance of the strengths, interests and concerns of all partners in healthy child development along with both sectors (education and early learning & care) drives the core values of this Network as we work in partnership.


    Care is essential to all interactions with children and is a foundation for learning.

    Every child is entitled to safe environments, loving, confident parents/caregivers and access to high quality programs and services to enhance healthy child development.

    Families and caregivers must know about and be supported to enhance healthy child development.

    The experience of the child is at the centre of our work; we work to enhance relationships for the child both today and in the future.


Our Approach

The Network will raise consciousness around a human development approach that goes beyond just a single sector perspective and recognizes the holistic needs of children, families and communities. As the Network deepens its work, it will be necessary to engage in subsequent dialogues with broader sectors of health, community, business, etc.

We work by:

  • Engaging respectfully in deliberative conversations and fostering a network that both learns and advocates
  • Modeling collaborative leadership and working flexibly and respectfully to suggest strategies as issues surface
  • Providing a trusted vehicle for on-going learning and the promotion of innovation in early child development (ECD)
  • Disseminating research throughout the Network
  • Mobilizing people and sharing inspiration to increase the level of commitment of people and organizations to early child development programs


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